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Vinyl Siding is available on all of our Buildings!

We offer on-site construction and we custom build to meet your needs.

Many models are available with 25 year hardboard siding painted in your choice of colors.

Construction Methods:
  • Built on treated skids
  • 25 year self sealing shingles
  • Extended roof over door
  • Color trim on all corners
  • Extended eaves on all sides
  • Color drip edges on all sides
  • Big 44" wide door is standard
  • Doors have 3" hinges
  • All buildings are ventilated
  • Self supporting rafters
  • Gussets on both sides
  • 3/4" OSB (Wafer Board) flooring
  • Floor joist every 16 inches

Added Benefits:
  • Increases property value
  • Generally, no tax increase
  • Moving? Move it with you
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